We have been making carbide dies for the production of laminations for electric motors since 1960.
In 1980, we introduced our first experimental die for the production of packed helical rotors.

Our in-house blanking department equipped with high-speed presses, up to 3000 KN, gave us a considerable advantage and meant that we were able to progress quickly from the experimental to the operational phase.

This then led to development of the "AUTOGRAF" system, now widely tested and perfected through the construction of several dies.


The “AUTOGRAF” die is supplied complete with the relative hardware and software needed for its operation.
Our technology enables us to create dies capable of blanking and buttoning laminations that vary in thickness from 0.2 to 1 mm.

Our dies are known for their high level of quality and performance and are used all over the world: Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

In 2010, we also decided to increase the system’s level of technology, introducing the “Autograf New Generation” onto the market.

In recent years we have developed several patents specific to this sector: know how that confirms our position as a technological leader in the world.